The Pelican Pete Series

by Frances Keiser

The Adventures of Pelican Pete is an entertaining, educational resource with appropriate environmental values that is expressed visually with detailed art work in vivid coloring.

Book 1: A Bird Is Born

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A story in rhyme about a pelican egg which hatches into curious young pete. To protect his head from the sun, his parents find a child’s cap for him to wear.

Book 2: Preening for Flight

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“The ocean’s a wonderful place to be.” But what would happen if that weren’t so? Read an entertaining rhyming story to your children and grandchildren while teaching a lesson to aid our wildlife and environment. Curious young Pete must learn to fly, fish, and never give up in this delightful journey into the world of nature.

The Johnson Family Adventures

by Jane R Wood

Voices in St. Augustine

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Thirteen-year-old Joey Johnson hears voices. Only he can’t find the people who belong to them. His curiosity leads him on a quest where he learns more than just history about the Nation’s Oldest City. He discovers he has a special connection to the past — something that changes his life forever.

Adventures on Amelia Island: A Pirate, A Princess, and Buried Treasure

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Five-year-old Katy meets a pirate — is he real or imagined? Bobby and Joey visit an ancient cemetery and a 19th century fort, as Bobby searches for the buried treasure that is rumored to still be hidden on the island. Local legends and tales of ghosts add to a story filled with colorful characters, humorous situations, and a youthful spirit of adventure.

Trouble on the St. Johns River

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In Trouble on the St. Johns River, the Johnson kids Joey, Bobby and Katy are up to their adventurous ways again. But this time, instead of exploring history, they re making it! Joey and Bobby start their summer vacation by setting out for their favorite fishing pond, but end up leading a crusade to clean up the environment instead.

Ghosts on the Coast: A Visit to Savannah and the Low Country

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It seems wherever they go, adventure follows the Johnson family. This time it comes while they tour the historic cities of Savannah and Charleston. In addition to learning about the challenges of the early settlers, the boldness of the greedy pirates, and the determination of feisty women who helped save the heritage of these historic cities, Joey, Bobby and Katy encounter numerous ghost stories.