Is the though of publishing your book blowing your mind with questions and confusing information?

Illustration by M Zhang Clan

Illustration by M Zhang Clan

We can help with our $75.00 1-hour consultation. You will meet with either Jane or Fran in person or via Skype to discuss your project.

We go through the step-by-step process you’ll need to becoming a published author and have your books successfully reach your target audience.

Fran is the expert on the how-tos of book production and publishing, and Jane’s forté is marketing and reaching your target audience.

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The book publishing and marketing industry is undergoing an exciting time of change with technology advances and paradigm shifts. Our presentations and workshops reflect those changes and serve to keep aspiring authors informed and educated and are updated frequently as the industry advances. Some of our most popular presentations are listed below and have been featured at a variety of venues, from the Florida Association of Science Teachers and the Orlando Florida Writers Association to the University of North Florida and the Florida Heritage Book Festival. For a full list of workshops or to request a session for your organization or group, please contact as at

Title: ABCs of Publishing Your Children’s Book
Running Time: 3-4 hours (shortened version 1 hour)
Description: Do you have an idea to write a children’s book, but don’t know where to start or how to proceed? Then this workshop is for you. Topics include how to choose a subject that will get your book into schools and libraries, age appropriateness and standard genres, fiction versus nonfiction, illustrations or photography, book credentials, publishing options, distribution, awards and reviews, school visits and festivals, and marketing and publicity. From A to Z, you’ll have everything you need to put you on the right track.

Title: Self-Publishing: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
Running Time: 2-3 hours (shortened version 1 hour)
Description: Knowledge is essential when it comes to publishing. Don’t fall prey to vanity presses, books without proper credentials, or unnecessary costs that can result in books that never make it to store shelves. This workshop will include publishing options, book credentials, reviews and awards, quotes and blurbs, cover design, printing, distribution and fulfillment, outsourcing, promotion, and marketing. Get the information you need to make your book a success.

Title: The Business Side of Self-Publishing
Running Time: 2-3 hours (shortened version 1 hour)
Description: You want to self-publish your books, but what does it take to actually set up an independent publishing company? This workshop will cover the steps you’ll need to take to create your business. The topics covered include choosing and registering a fictitious name, obtaining licenses and federal tax ID numbers, collecting sales tax, bank and merchant accounts, PayPal and credit cards, website development and maintenance, office equipment, software, record keeping, fulfillment, distribution, and outsourcing. Get your micro publishing company up and running.

Title: Book Marketing Essentials
Running Time: 2-3 hours (shortened version 1 hour)
Description:  It takes more than writing a good book to be successful. Learn simple solutions to begin creating buzz–before you get published. Learn how to develop your marketing plan and discuss the essential marketing materials & online media you must have to get started.

Title: How to Increase Book Sales through Niche Marketing
Running Time: 2-3 hours (shortened version 1 hour)
Description: Authors generate most of their book sales from their target audiences and niche markets. Identifying your target audience before you complete your book can be immensely helpful in generating future sales. In this class, you’ll learn how to identify, reach, and promote your books to them with creative marketing strategies.

Title: Learn How to Self-Publish Your Book
Running Time:
2-3 hours (shortened version 1 hour)
Description: Do you want to self-publish your books, but don’t know where to begin? This class will cover the steps needed to create your own independent publishing company, including choosing and registering your company’s name, obtaining licenses, setting up a sales tax account, banking, record-keeping, choosing office equipment and software, developing a website, setting up book distribution, marketing, and outsourcing jobs you don’t want to undertake yourself.