Jane R Wood and Frances Keiser

Janer R Wood (left) and Frances Keiser

  Get Book Savvy helps current and aspiring authors simplify the process of publishing and marketing their books. Frances Keiser and Jane Wood are award-winning authors and publishers with more than twenty years’ experience. Together they offer workshops and seminars that include publishing options, book production, printing, distribution, fulfillment, and marketing. They’ll answer your questions and help you to make your book a success. There’s more to publishing a book than writing a good story. Learn from two experienced authors, publishers, and instructors. One-on-one guidance or consultation is also available.


The ABCs of Publishing Your Children’s Books

Join Jane R. Wood and Frances Keiser for a seminar at the University of North abc-bookFlorida on June 16, 2015 and learn your options and the steps needed to publish your children’s book.

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How to Get Your Books into Schools

Former teacher and award-winning author Jane R. Wood has released a new book, Schools: A Niche Market for Authors, as an e-book on Kindle and Nook. Wood shares the many strategies she has used for ten years to successfully market and sell her books to schools. Authors will learn how to:

  • Contact schools
  • Create educational resources
  • Develop dynamic presentations
  • Provide reinforcement to school curricula

Wood shows how both teachers and students can benefit from a meaningful connection with a published author.


Visit The UniverseThe Rocket Ship Bed Trip

Publication of a client’s new book.  

The Rocket Ship Bed Trip, by N. Jane Quackenbush is a delightful children’s picture book meant to introduce young children to the many wonders of outer space and astronomy. With a rhyming story and colorful illustrations by Lynne Villalobos this book is perfect for imaginative children ages 3 to 8.